DB Sport Trumps Rules

BASIC SET OF RULES of the DB Sport Trumps card game
Split the deck of the 52 core cards between 2 players and play the cards from stack by calling the specific skills of each sports card as trumps until the winner has all the cards of the deck. This is the good classic basic setup of the trumps card game – now applied to the world of sports. A classic fun battle.

EXTENDED VARIATIONS of the DB Sport Trumps card game
You can extend the basic setup of the DB Sport Trumps card game with different extended variations of the game.

Play with joker cards as extra (normal) cards
You can add the 6 joker cards (inculded in the Sports Playing Cards deck) and play tem as extra (normal) cards . This gives a deck of 58 cards which prolongs the game somewhat – and gives you more sports to look at…

Play with open hands
You can play with a socalled “open hand” where you play from an open face hand-held stack. That is you have all the cards on your hand with visible card faces – and for each draw you can choose the specific card to play on your own choice.

Play with reduced number of added cards in the event of “equal draw”
You can play with a setup where you reduce the number card that are added in the event of “equal draw” from the normal 3 cards to e.g. 2 or 1 card(s).

Play with forced stop / fixed time
If you play the “classic” game setup where a game is won when one player wins over all the cards of the opponent player, then you can introduce different game variations where you e.g. can deside to bring the game to a forced stop (alternatively a pause so that the game can be resumed at a later stage) or you can desiced beforehand at the start of a game to play for a fixed period of time.

Play with one card pile round
If you are in for a “quick” game setup, you can play a game variation where a game is played as a “one card pile round” – that is you split the deck and you only play the cards that you are originally dealt (like 26 or 29) as “one round”. The cards that each player wins are kept in a separate stack – and the player who wins the most cards in the round wins the game. You can extend this “one card pile round” game setup by arranging to play e.g. “best out of 3” or “best out of 5” games – and in any variation this is a fun way to play a quick game of DB Sport Trumps.

OVERVIEW of DB Sport Trumps Rules
You can find a overview of the DB Sport Trumps rules – as well as an overview of the basic and extended game variations – in the specification sheet under:

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